Welcome to our redesigned site! Check out what's new!

Welcome to our redesigned site! Check out what's new!

We're so glad you've come to our new site and hope you're taking a look around! We've added tons of new features, including:

-MORE INVENTORY: We've added more apparel, more collectibles, We've added HUNDREDS more video games, including tons of recent acquisitions from old school retro consoles like Atari, Colecovision, Intellivision, Turbografx-16, Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation and much more. We've also added a lot of the Video Game Accessories that we didn't sell on our previous site.

-MORE WAYS TO PAY: We've added more ways to pay including Shop Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Meta Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, in addition to Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal that we were offering on our previous site. We hope this added dimension makes it much easier to pay the way YOU want to pay.

-CHEAPER/MORE WAYS TO SHIP: On our previous site, we didn't have a way to set certain types of items to ship one way or another and this could lead to some unnecessarily high shipping costs since we didn't have lots of options. Well, that's a thing of the past! We've upgraded and can now ship certain products Media Mail (along with a ton of other ways) which means our selection of books will ship much cheaper than we were previous able to. We always aim to provide the most accurate and lowest cost shipping options to our customers and now we're even better equipped to make this a reality. 

-MORE DISCOUNTS: We added a ton of specific, targeted discounts so for example, you want to buy a new game console and get a game or two (or 200) for that new console. Well, now you will see a discount for that specific game system and can score some new games at a discount. YOWZA!!

-MORE WAYS TO CHAT WITH US: We have added chat to our site so now you can talk directly to us if you have any questions about a certain products! Previously, a contact form was used for communication but this was pretty sloooow. You can of course always still contact us by calling us at our main number 443-691-NERD, as well as emailing us to INFO@THENERDPORIUM.COM, SALES@THENERDPORIUM.COM, OR JAKE@THENERDPORIUM. Hit us up!

We hope you like our new features and this is only the start of new great things to come! Thanks for your support and interest in our products!!!

-Jake & Caity

Owners - The Nerdporium