Atari 7800 System

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    Includes: Atari 7800 Console, 2 OEM Atari 7800 Controllers, AC Power Supply, AV Cable w/coaxial adapter, Pole Position II Game Cartridge, Instruction Manual
      • Arcade-quality graphics, color, and sound.
      • Play all 7800 games and exclusive "Super Games"
      • Plays all 2600 games.
      Arcade Classics
      The 7800 games include the best arcade classics from yesterday and today. Games so popular they became the biggest hits in arcades and have become standards in the industry.

      The 7800 brings these games true arcade-quality graphics and animation, and an amazing range of colors to create true realism. They challenge your skill and imagination whether you're playing against the system or an opponent.

      Pole Position II is so real that you'll feel like you're driving a race car. In Choplifter! you're a helicopter pilot on a tension-filled rescue mission. Ms. Pac-Man captures the action and excitement of its arcade counterpart. And with the 7800's real arcade-style joystick controllers with dual fire buttons, you're always in control.

      "Super Games"
      Introducing the new line of "Super Games" for the 7800. Games never before played on a home video game system. The hottest titles from computer formats and arcades. Proven hits like One-On-One Basketball, Sky Fox, and Touchdown Football from Electronic Arts, Karateka from Broderbund, Summer Games, Winter Games, and Impossible Mission from Epyx, Hat Trick from Bally Sente, and many, many more. All thanks to a new super cartridge with almost unlimited memory capability. Add these winners to your 7800 game collection now!
      • Platform: Atari 7800
      • Genre: Hardware » Console
      • Developer/Publisher: Atari Corporation
      • Release: May 1986