Avengers #177

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  • Korvac Saga, Charlie-27, Martinex, Nikki Gold, and Yondu Appearance
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Published: November 1978
Comic Age: Bronze
Cover Price: $0.35
Writer: Jim Shooter
Interior Artist: David Wenzel
Cover Artist: Terry Austin , Dave Cockrum
Inker: Pablo Marcos , Ricardo Villamonte
Letterer: Denise Wohl , Letter Typeset
Colorist: Nelson Yomtov
Editor: Roger Stern , Jim Salicrup
Stories may contain spoilers

Korvac states that his opponents have ruined everything. Before their arrival, Korvac had veiled his existence from the "Great Powers of the Cosmos". But a battle between them will certainly draw their attention. He starts explaining what will happen. Standing on the Bifrost Bridge, Heimdall will be the first to take notice. He will alert Odin. On the Blue Area of the Moon, Uatu will become aware of Korvac's existence. He will be tempted to forsake his oath of non-interference to stop the perceived threat. Eternity will also detect the presence of Korvac and treat him like a virus to his body. Then will come an alliance of Odin, Zeus, and Mephisto. They will lead their combined forces against Korvac and Carina.
Lost in his own thoughts of sorrow and regret, Korvac seems to ignore the Avengers. The heroes themselves do not dare to make the first move. Moondragon uses her telepathy to summon four members of the Guardians of the Galaxy (Charlie-27, Martinex, Nikki Gold, and Yondu), who are at a distance of 50 miles from the battlefield. They use an Avenger's Quinjet to cover the distance.
The Guardians soon arrive and Charlie-27 knocks down the door to Korvac's home. Nikki comments on Korvac's changed appearance and that she would have trouble recognizing him. Korvac has no such problem and immediately recognizes his old foes. He warns them that their arrival will not significantly change the scales of power in this battle. Nikki answers that further reinforcements will arrive since Vance Astro will join them. Korvac is not impressed. He uses the ceiling of his home to broadcast an image of Drydock, their orbiting space station. He wants them to witness its destruction. With a single blast from Korvac, Drydock is destroyed and Vance Astro dies screaming.
Korvac turns his attention from his foes again. Furious at the death of "her" Vance, Nikki attacks Korvac. She threatens to tear his heart out. He swats her aside, killing her instantly. The force radiating from his body flickers for less than a second. It is all the time needed for Quicksilver to attack from behind. The rest of the Avengers prepare to follow Pietro's lead. All except Moondragon who stands transfixed. She is overcome by silent horror. Korvac easily kills Quicksilver, saying he is doing it for Carina's sake.

The next moment, Korvac faces a combined attack by Charlie-27, Iron Man, Vision, and Wonder Man. They pile on him, but they have troubling holding on to his energy form. While struggling with them, Korvac fires an energy blast at Captain America. It only strikes Captain America's Shield, but this leaves the shieldman temporarily dazed. Korvac proves impervious to Iron Man's Repulsors and Vision's thermo-optic beams. He soon breaks free and kills Charlie-27.
Thor is the next to attack. He hits Korvac with Mjolnir and claims that nothing can withstand the uru hammer. Hercules jokes that Thor should brag louder if he wants Korvac to listen. Because their foe still stands following the hammer strike. Hercules plans to attack next but never gets the chance. Korvac turns his attention to him and blasts him twice, killing him. Korvac observes that he, Thor, and Hercules are all immortals. But he is a colossus and the two of them are mere ants.
He next turns on Thor and blasts him. This fails to kill the Asgardian but temporarily takes him out of the fight. Meanwhile, Iron Man and Wonder Man have approached Korvac again and try to hold him back. Iron Man decides it is time to change tactics. He shouts for the Black Panther to take Carina hostage since he is the Avenger closest to her. The Panther hesitates since he feels taking a girl hostage is dishonorable. Yellowjacket declares "the hell with honor" and captures her instead. The Battle Rages ON!