Avengers #250B

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  • 1st time Avengers and West Coast Avengers Team Up together
Published: December 1984
Comic Age: Bronze
Cover Price: $1.00
Writer: Roger Stern
Interior Artist: Allen Milgrom 'Al' , Joe Sinnott , Ian Akin , Brian Garvey
Cover Artist: Allen Milgrom 'Al' , Joe Sinnott
Inker: Joe Sinnott , Ian Akin , Roy Richardson , Brian Garvey
Letterer: Jim Novak
Colorist: Christie Scheele
Editor: Mark Gruenwald , Howard Mackie
 Stories may contain spoilers
  "World POWER!"

Maelstrom, having returned to life in the latest of a series of cloned bodies, likewise resuscitates his aides Helio, Phobius, and Gronk, and sets in motion his plan to gain absolute power by siphoning the energy of the Earth's rotation. His actions soon cause seismic disturbances, alerting astronomers, geophysicists, and the Avengers, who deduce his involvement. When Captain Marvel discovers the villain's Cape Horn base, Phobius inflicts her with paralyzing fear, but she nevertheless accompanies her teammates and the new West Coast Avengers team into battle. They defeat Maelstrom's minions, but are stymied by Maelstrom himself, now a fifty-foot giant, who imprisons Hercules, Starfox, and Wonder Man in a force field. Captain Marvel regains her courage in time to save Tigra's life, and she and the West Coast Avengers keep their foe occupied while the Scarlet Witch's hex increases the power of his device. As a result, Maelstrom continues to grow unchecked, his volume increasing while his mass remains unchanged, until his molecules are dispersed across the galaxy and his machine is destroyed.