Exodus Theme Deck - Groundbreaker

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From the Wizards of the Coast site:

With massive land-destruction capability, "Groundbreaker" will keep your opponent powerless until you've set up the finishing blow.

Explore the strength of "Groundbreaker" and leave your opponent in the dirt.

Playable out of the box or customizable, Exodus preconstructed decks contain Tempest and Stronghold cards along with new cards from Exodus. These innovative decks are ready to play when you are.


A prebuilt 60-card deck and Exodus preconstructed deck strategy guide.

Cards in this deck:

Creature (13)
2 Thrull Surgeon
1 Dauthi Slayer
2 Dauthi Jackal
2 Vampire Hounds
1 Monstrous Hound
1 Scalding Salamander
3 Anarchist
1 Thopter Squadron
Sorcery (14)
1 Náusea
3 Rain of Tears
1 Evincar's Justice
4 Stone Rain
3 Flowstone Flood
2 Aftershock
Instant (8)
3 Diabolic Edict1 Necrologia1 Searing Touch3 Shock
Enchantment (1)
1 Volrath's Dungeon
Land (24)
12 Swamp12 Mountain
60 Cards