Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Strategy Guide

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BradyGames' Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Strategy Guide includes the following:

  • THE MISSIONS: We ll guide you through three cities, a sprawling wilderness, and loads of action. Where to go, who to meet, and what to do to earn the most cash and respect.
  • THE MAPS: The most complete visual reference for San Andreas. Each city and territory is charted to detail every square mile. Find everything.
  • THE EXTRAS: The missions are just the beginning. We reveal a lifetime of diversions by covering all the odd jobs, extra missions, Unique Jumps, and Bonus Items San Andreas has to offer.
  • THE VEHICLES: A virtual showroom of every mode of transportation at your disposal.
  • THE SECRETS: Every city has its hidden spots that only the locals know about. We show you where they are. Find every gang tag, collect every oyster and horseshoe, snap every photo-op, launch every stunt jump, locate extra power-ups, and more!
  • BONUS FOLD-OUT: Required Odd Jobs Map!

Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Action/Adventure
Paperback – October 25, 2004