Invasion: Invasion Cycle, Book I

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The Phyrexian nightmare begins.

Dominaria faces its biggest threat -- an invasion by its greatest enemy, an attack planned for eons by merciless foes. No one is exempt from their terror. No land is safe from their onslaught. In the shadow of the Phyrexian horde, Dominaria has but one hope -- the Weatherlight and her crew. The time has come to defend hearth and home from invasion.

Paperback - 311 Pages - October 2000 - First Printing

About the Author

 J. Robert King has written over a dozen novels for Wizards of the Coast, Inc., including the Origins (r) award-winning Planar Powers in the Planescape (r) line. King's most recent titles include InvasionPlaneshift, and Apocalypse, all of which are set in the Magic: The Gathering world.