Kirby Amiibo - Kirby Series

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Connect and interact with the Kirby amiibo figure! Embark on new adventures and enjoy fun in-game extra features.

Round, pink and surprisingly powerful, Kirby™ is one of the most iconic heroes in video game history. A denizen of the peaceful planet Pop Star, Kirby became a citizen of Dream Land after defeating King Dedede. He can inhale things with his big mouth, either copying their abilities or spitting them out again.

Discover amiibo, a brand new way to interact with your favorite Nintendo characters and games. Touch amiibo figures to the Wii U GamePad controller and watch them come to life and affect different games in surprising ways! In Super Smash Bros.TM for Wii U, you can battle, train, and level-up your amiibo figures.
  • Get cool in-game extras with amiibo™ accessories and compatible games.
  • Just tap an amiibo accessory to the NFC touchpoint on a compatible system to enjoy fun in-game extra features
  • Compatible games on the Nintendo Switch™ system, New Nintendo 2DS™ XL system, New Nintendo 3DS™ XL system and Wii U™ console.