Legions: Onslaught Cycle, Book II

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In Titanic Battle, the World Stands Divided.

On the side stand the followers of Phage, who cry out for new arena combats, new champions, new blood spilled in the sand. On the other are the supporters of Akroma, the angel, who preaches a terrifying religion hallowing her creator.

In the middle stands the lonely figure of Kamahl. Once a champion of the pits, he must now atone for the terrible wrongs he has wrought. Those wrongs gave birth to Phage and Akroma. They gave birth to the suffering of the world.

Now Kamahl must sweep the land clean of this terrible blight. But his fury may destroy that which he most loves.

Paperback - 312 Pages - January 2003 - First Printing

About the Author

 J. Robert King has written over a dozen novels for Wizards of the Coast, Inc., including the Origins (r) award-winning Planar Powers in the Planescape (r) line. King's most recent titles include InvasionPlaneshift, and Apocalypse, all of which are set in the Magic: The Gathering world.