Morningtide: Lorwyn Cycle, Book II

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The only thing she's ever wanted...

Is the only thing she fears.

All her life Ashling has hunted her wild elemental, seeking a merging of beings and an awakening of power-only to be forced into it years ahead of schedule. Now the elemental haunts her, turning her life into a nightmare. She knows it wants something. But can she figure out what before it's too late?


Paperback - 311 Pages - January 2008 - First Printing

About the Author

Cory J. Herndon wrote his first novel, the Dungeons & Dragons tale The Living Dead, in the shoes of T.H. Lain. Since then he has written for Magic: The Gatheringnovels and one short story under his own name, including the Ravnica cycle, The Fifth Dawn, and "Like Spider's Silk" from the Secrets of Magic anthology. By day he writes stories and dialogue for the MMORPG Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Scott McGough has studied writing at Johns Hopkins and the University of Washington, and has since written ten Magic: The Gathering novels (eight on his own, two with help), including the Kamigawa Cycle, The Legends Cycle Two, and the Time Spiral Cycle (with co-authors).