Planeshift: Invasion Cycle, Book II

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The first wave is over, but the invasion rages on.

In the midst of an all-out war, the ground shifts and moves. Milliions upon millions of invaders appear out of nowhere as the artificial plane of Rath overlays Dominaria, covering the natural landscape with the unnatural horros of Phyrexia.

There is no rest for the wicked.

Paperback - 311 Pages - February 2001 - First Printing

About the Author

 J. Robert King has written over a dozen novels for Wizards of the Coast, Inc., including the Origins (r) award-winning Planar Powers in the Planescape (r) line. King's most recent titles include InvasionPlaneshift, and Apocalypse, all of which are set in the Magic: The Gathering world.