Soccer (Arcadia 2001)

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The most exciting computerised soccer game ever!
Starting from a kickoff, you receive the ball and move it down into your opponent's half. Possession and ball-control are both required in this test of skill. Reach the penalty area, prepare to shoot... oh no!, a defender is blocking you. Pass quickly to a team mate. Dribble towards the goal, avoid the last defender and shoot. The goalkeeper moves across but he can't reach your powerful shot. It's a GOAL!!
The screen features a rolling display of a football field, including goals, line-markings and a clock to keep the time. Over this the 22 players tackle, pass and shoot. Truly a cup-winner!
This fully animated game contains the following options -- 1) Multi-skill levels, 2) Play against a friend, 3) Play against the computer, 4) Team up with your friend and challenge the computer.
Game variations: Over 200
Number of players: 1 to 4
  • Platform: Arcadia 2001
  • Genre: Sports » Team » Soccer » Arcade
  • Developer/Publisher: Emerson Radio Corp.
  • Release: 1982
  • Region: NTSC (US, Canada)