Super Skateboardin' (Atari 7800)

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Your new after school job is a dream come true! Someone's actually going to pay you to skateboard.
Here's the deal--Your Dad's company needs someone to turn off all the machines and lights in their factory at the end of the day. Your job is to cruise the maze of hallways, leaping for light switches and tucking through ventilation tubes to get from floor to floor. Jumping on the assembly lines will increase your speed, but be careful or you'll be flattened like a road pizza.
The faster you finish, the more power is saved and the more you get paid. So hurry up 'cuz there's lots of floors and power is leaking out fast!
      • Platform: Atari 7800
      • Genre: Sports » Individual » Skate / Skateboard
      • Developer: Imagineering Inc
      • Publisher: Absolute Entertainment
      • Release: 1988