The Darksteel Eye: Mirrodin Cycle, Book II

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A Prize Beyond Understanding

A goblin tinkerer with a strangely heroic spirit.

An iron golem searching for his lost memories.

An elf who carries with her knowledge that could shake the world.

Together, they must flee across the harsh metal world of Mirrodin, running from an enemy who seems all-knowing and anticipates their every move. Amid savage battles and breathtaking escapes, they are ever aware of a power that stands at the very center of their world. For within the deepest reaches of Mirrodin, the Darksteel Eye watches. And waits.

Paperback - 308 Pages - January 2004

About the Author

 Jess Lebow edited numerous novels, short stories, and the Magic anthologies The Colors of Magic, The Myths of Magic, and The Secrets of Magic. He has contributed several short stories to various anthologies and is the author of the Legend of the Five Rings novel Wind of War.