The Fifth Dawn: Mirrodin Cycle, Book III

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An Enemy Beyond Evil

Whose eye sees into every corner of Mirrodin.

Whose ambition strides across the planes.

Whose foe is a lonely elf and her loyal goblin companion.

The fury of Memnarch is tuned against Glissa and Slobad as they make their way across Mirrodin in seach of new allies. From the city of the leonin to the dark fortress Panopticon, their travels range until they come face to face with the creator of Mirrodin himself. And from his lips they will hear the prophecy that can remake their world.

Paperback - 310 Pages - May 2004

About the Author

 Cory Herndon is the author of numerous articles about Magic: The Gathering that have appeared in Top Deck magazine and other publications. He currently writes promotional articles for, and he is the author of the Dungeons & Dragons® novel The Living Dead (as T.H. Lain).