The Unspeakable Oath #23 Aug 2013 - Cthulhu Mythos Magazine

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Arc Dream Publishing is proud to present The Unspeakable Oath, a more-or-less quarterly digest of tools, scenarios, and reviews to make your Cthulhu Mythos games more terrifying than ever.

The Unspeakable Oath 23 includes:

  • The Dread Page of Azathoth, an editor’s column by Shane Ivey
  • The Eye of Light and Darkness, with reviews by Chase Beck, Matthew Pook, and Brian Sammons
  • Code Adam, a Tale of Terror by Paul Stefko
  • Cold Dead Hand, a Call of Cthulhu adventure by Adam Scott Glancy set amid the Russian coup of 1991
  • Building an Elder God Bonus Cards, for the card game from Signal Fire Studios
  • The Funeral, a Tale of Terror by Ben Riggs
  • The Watchers, a Tale of Terror by Ben Riggs
  • The Last Self-Portrait of Larissa Dolokhov, an Arcane Artifact by Ben Riggs
  • Unconventional Firearms, a collection of weird hardware for Call of Cthulhu, by Chase Beck
  • The Bear Is Back, a Directive from A-Cell for Delta Green by Adam Scott Glancy
  • Beasts, a Message in a Bottle by Daniel Harms

Manufacturer: Arc Dream Publishing
Product Line: Unspeakable Oath, The Arc Dream Publishing
Type: Softcover
Copyright Date: 2013
Page Count: 80