Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator (Atari 7800)

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Fox 1, fox 1, bogies at Angel 5, 40 knot closure--going down for the kill.
Fly over hostile waters as a naval aviator on patrol for a carrier battle group. You orders...engage inbound bogies and terminate with extreme prejudice.
Your fully equipped F-14 features a HUG that tracks and locks on hostile aircraft, an electronic countermeasure computer to defeat inbound missiles and cockpit displays to monitor fuel, wing position and flight paths.
Fly off in search of high speed combat armed with a 20 mm cannon, short, medium, and long range missiles.
The dogifhgts are fierce and if you survive the bogies and have the fuel, attempt a night carrier landing home to a hero's welcome.
      • Platform: Atari 7800
      • Genre: Simulation » Flight » Combat
      • Developer: Imagineering Inc
      • Publisher: Absolute Entertainment
      • Release: March 1989