Urza's Saga Theme Deck - The Plague

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From the Wizards of the Coast website:

This deck will infect your opponents with fear. Use the power of Pestilence to your advantage in this black and white deck.


A prebuilt 60-card deck and an Urza's Saga preconstucted deck strategy guide.

Cards in this deck: 

Creature (16)
1 Blood Vassal3 Unworthy Dead1 Silent Attendant3 Disciple of Grace3 Wall of Junk1 Flesh Reaver3 Voice of Grace1 Sanctum Guardian
Sorcery (2)
1 Corrupt1 Befoul
Instant (6)
2 Expunge2 Disenchant2 Humble
Artifact (2)
2 Urza's Armor
Enchantment (10)
4 Pestilence1 Sicken2 Rune of Protection: Black1 Opal Acrolith1 Worship1 Pariah
Land (24)
7 Plains12 Swamp2 Polluted Mire3 Drifting Meadow
60 Cards