Wii Fit U + Fit Meter (Wii U)

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Fitness and Fun Come to Wii U Discover fun, new ways to get up and get moving as the Wii Fit series comes to the Wii U home console. The game features favorite exercises from Wii Fit Plus as well as new exercises that incorporate the Wii U GamePad controller in select activities. The game also comes packaged with a small peripheral device called the Fit Meter (Excludes Pre-Owned and Digital), which is designed to track your daily activity.
What's New in Wii Fit U

There's more to enjoy than ever before - on top of the best features and favorite activities from past games.
The Fit Meter*

*Fit Meter sold separately for Pre-Owned and Download versions of this game.
Track your activity on-the-go

Track your progress wherever you are with the new Fit Meter accessory. Sync it with the game to get detailed information or see how close you are to your goals. You can even take on fun fitness challenges solo or with friends.
Much more than a pedometer...

The Fit Meter does a lot more than count your steps. It also has an acceleration sensor (to measure intensity) and an atmospheric pressure sensor (to measure altitude changes). This means the Fit Meter can more accurately calculate how many calories you burn, based on what you're doing. Running up stairs, for example, will torch more calories than taking the elevator - even though the distance is the same.
Take on a Fit Meter Challenge

A little activity every day can add up to major progress! Take on a Walking Challenge to see your daily steps tracked around famous locations all over the world. Or try an Altitude Challenge and make your way up mountains and monuments.
Fit Meters for everyone...even Fido

Fitness is more fun with the whole family. Since you can have up to 12 profiles (plus 7 pet profiles!) on one Wii Fit U game, it's easy for everyone to track their activity with their own Fit Meter. Even the family pet can get involved - with their activity measured in special "doggie units."
Put your activity in perspective

See how much you've accomplished by syncing the Fit Meter to your Wii Fit U profile at the touch of a button. You'll get detailed graphs of all your activity, including how many calories you've burned and how many steps you've walked.
Special Tip

Your Fit Meter can exchange data with other Fit Meters. Just press the center button with the two Fit Meters facing one another to compare your activity over the past day.
Wii Fit U
Stay active with Wii Fit U at home

With 19 new activities, including a whole new Dance mode, there are more than 70 total activities to choose from, with something for everyone.
New Activities

Get moving with new additions like: Core Luge, Scuba Search, Climbing, Dessert Choice, Hip-Hop, Flamenco, and Horsedown.
Wii U GamePad Controller

Someone else need the TV? Not a problem. Simply use the balance board and GamePad to do select routines off-TV. You can also check your form as you work on Yoga or Strength Training exercises by using the GamePad controller's camera and comparing your form to the trainer's in Mirror Mode.
GYM Communities

It's easier to get moving when you have friends to cheer you on. Join or start an online* Gym Community to share your achievements, compare your scores, or motivate other members via Miiverse. Set up your gym and share the Gym Community ID number with just family and friends, or post it online to let any player join your community.
Personal Training

Now you can customize your routines as much or as little as you like with Personal Trainer mode. Get workout recommendations based on your goals and preferences, or set up your own routine.
Are you a returning player?

If so, you can transfer your data from Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus to Wii Fit U when you start the game for the first time. And, in addition to the Wii Balance Board, you can use your existing Wii Remote and Nunchuck controllers with Wii Fit U.